2010 Census Data News Story Roundup

September 16, 2011

On Tuesday this week, the Census Bureau released the 2010 Population Survey Data. Since that time, our tweetstream has been flooded with different links to blog posts, news stories, and reports about the data contained within.

At the Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health), we’ve been particularly interested in what the data show about the state of the uninsured, both at a federal and a state level.

Why do we care about that? We want to improve the health status of everyone in Connecticut – but not having health insurance can pose a barrier to care. Uninsured people have a tendency to put off preventative care…and then when they get sick, they get really sick. They end up in the emergency room. That’s not an improved health status by any means.

In short, we’ve been reading a lot across the web, and wanted to share our reading list with you.

These are the stories we’ve been sharing internally about the census data – but what have you been reading? What’s your view? What’s the implication for government health insurance programs and for health care reform?


*Photo by The Big Touffe used under the Creative Commons license .

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