Board Member Profiles: Meet Jean Adnopoz, MPH

August 2, 2011

We were sorry to have Jean Adnopoz, MPH, of the Yale Child Study Center, retire from our Board of Directors. For over ten years, she was a valuable and vocal member of our Board, serving on our finance and investment committee, and as vice chair of our program committee.  She brought her considerable expertise in children’s mental health to bear in guiding the foundation’s work in this priority area.

Jean was kind enough to let me visit her in her office to discuss her time with the foundation. Jean says what’s enabled the foundation to accomplish as much as it has is its sharp focus on the issues. See what else Jean has to say:

We’ll miss, you Jean! Thank you for being a part of our Board.

3 Responses to Board Member Profiles: Meet Jean Adnopoz, MPH

  1. Jean, you are too modest! Your leadership and insights really made a huge impact on the evolution of CT Health! As a staff member, your thought-provoking comments have pushed me to think in different ways. Thank you so very much for your service to CT Health!

  2. Patricia Baker says:

    One of the fundamental reasons the Connecticut Health Foundation has grown and contributed is due the quality and thoughtfulness of its leaders and board members. Jean Adnopoz was a clear voice posing the strategic questions in order for the foundation to fulfill its promise to Connecticut. Thank you Jean.

  3. Victor G. Villagra, MD says:

    It was wonderful to hear from Jean herself what she considers the Foundation’s greatest accomplishments in the last 10 years and also reflect on her own contributions. She served for such a long time that her perspective on the Foundation’s work was interesting to hear. On the latter, I thought she was quite modest. I will not be surprised if the board and staff continue to tap into Jean’s expertise on the topic of children mental health and her wisdom in all matters. I will miss her in the Program Committee!

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