Closing One Door, and Opening Another

February 25, 2014

You may know me as Nancy Nolan, Grants Manager. Or if you’re one of our Health Leadership Fellows, you may know me as the Fellows Program Coordinator.

For my 14 years at the foundation, I’ve been one or both of these, and at one time I wore all the ‘hats’ as office manager.


Me in the front of my ski buddies, Don and Ginny.

But outside of work I’m so much more:

  • Nancy Nolan, downhill skiing instructor. Most winter weekends you can find me in Vermont, blazing down a trail, or teaching someone else to do the same.
  • Nancy Nolan, jetsetter. Once a year I like to travel with my friends Don and his wife Ginny, and Helene. In late 2012 I wrote about our trip to Turkey. You should read the post, there are beautiful pictures of the “Cotton Castle” and the “Fairy Chimneys.”
  • Nancy Nolan, photographer. I’m something of an amateur hobbyist photographer, and what better time to take photos than when I’m traveling? When Don is driving, Ginny, Helene, and I must ask him every five minutes or so to pull over so we can take pictures of the scenery.
  • Nancy Nolan, grandmother. Yes, I have eight grandchildren! Grandchildren I love whom I don’t see enough of.

My eight wonderful grandchildren.

In the past year I started thinking about how if I had more time for myself, I would have more time to ski, to see and photograph the world, and to spend time with my grandchildren.

And I don’t mean to sound morbid, but I want to do those things while I still can! I realized that it was time for me to retire.

I’ve had a great 14 years at the foundation. I’ve always really believed in the mission, and enjoyed working alongside you to advance it. I’m going to miss all of you so much.

I hope you’ll keep in touch. Of course, I want to share my photos with you! I’ve made this Flickr account so you can see the beautiful places I’ve been. (Please bear with me while I get them in there. Jenn made me open this account).

I also want to hear about your great adventures.

You can always email me at nancy nolan (no space) at snet dot net.

8 Responses to Closing One Door, and Opening Another

  1. Heang Tan says:

    Nancy, I remember meeting you for the first at the start of my health equity journey at age 23. You were doing a site visit at KHA and I was so nervous about meeting our funders for the first time. 10 years later and your warm smile still provides comfort in this difficult work.Thank you, you’ll be missed!

  2. Yolanda Caldera-Durant says:

    Nancy: It’s been a pleasure to work with you. I appreciate the great help and guidance you provided to me when I arrived at CT Health. I’ll miss you but wish you well on the next exciting chapter of your life. Enjoy the snowy slopes for as long as possible–I think all the snow will melt by July :-).

  3. Carol Pollack says:

    Nancy, I have never known a day at the Foundation when you were not there and I will miss that. Your great work is a testament to your passion for our mission but I am glad that you can now direct more of that passion towards those other loves. Best wishes for much happiness!!

  4. Elizabeth Krause says:


    It hasn’t sunk in that you aren’t coming back to work. You have been someone I could always rely on in my eight years with CT Health — as a colleague and as a human being.

    I know you’ll seize retirement by the horns and I hope that you do so in happiness and good health.

  5. Eva Weymouth says:

    Happy Retirement Nancy! Enjoy!

  6. Kate Busch Gervais says:

    Thanks for everything you do! You were such a great colleague to Universal Health Care Foundation when we were building our grants management program – sharing your great systems with total generosity! Thanks for all your support to grantees as well – it’s so comforting to hear back from CT Health on where we are in the process at every turn. Enjoy your beautiful family and friends!
    Best wishes,

  7. Tonya Wiley says:

    Awwwwww, Nancy. You will be missed so much! Have fun living retirement life to the fullest!

  8. Nancy,
    I am so delighted for you to be able to do all those wonderful activities you enjoyed part-time and now can do as often as you like. I wish you the best of health for the next 50 years, so you can keep on skiing, photographing and enjoying grandchildren and great grandchildren!

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