Could This Be You? The 7 Traits of a Health Leadership Fellow

March 25, 2013

Two weeks ago,cloud we told you why you might not want to apply to the Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health) Health Leadership Fellows Program. This sparked quite the debate amongst the member of our Fellows’ Network. Those who left comments were eager for the most part to tell us that they had found the program so inspirational that they would encourage anyone to apply. For us, that’s great news.

In the conversation, our Fellows reminded us of the seven common traits we see across people who are accepted to the program:

  1. PROUD to be an active part of a network of leaders in CT who are passionate about advancing health equity in CT.
  2. EAGER to ACT on their passion for health equity and immerse themselves in an intense year of leadership learning, connection and engagement.
  3. WILLING to commit personal development time to take themselves to the next level of leadership capacity.
  4. OPEN to learning about leading in new ways – not just managing in old ways.
  5. INTERESTED in increasing their visibility as a leader committed to health equity.
  6. FOCUSED on promoting effective collaboration as a leadership strategy.
  7. INFORMED about the current issues and ways to stay on top of relevant information and events.

This marks the last week of recruitment for the Class of 2014 Health Leadership Fellows. Applications are due Monday, April 1, 2013. What do you say? Could this be you?

If yes, apply here today.


One Response to Could This Be You? The 7 Traits of a Health Leadership Fellow

  1. Yolanda Caldera-Durant says:

    I think Heidi articulated important reasons for why not to apply to the Health Leadership Fellows program to help applicants to better understand what’s involved and how to manage their expectations. I particularly like reason #3 of why not to apply to HLF. Given the dynamic issues involved in working to achieve health equity, there aren’t any clear cut and predetermined solutions. The message of being adaptable resonates with me as the ground is literally shifting beneath us in the health field and we are learning and we go along. This may be uncomfortable but an important part of our growth and development and ultimately necessary to achieve lasting and real change.

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