Hello, New Adventure

February 20, 2015


As you can see, it all started a really long time ago.

Today’s post was written by Jenn Whinnem, digital media manager and Health Leadership Fellow 2012.

The year was 2010. As they say in the biz, the social media telephone was ringing. Was the Connecticut Health Foundation going to pick up the call?

After thoughtful deliberation, CT Health said hello. When I was hired four years ago I felt like a kid with a bare living room floor and a new box of LEGO. How often do you get the opportunity of a blank slate and the encouragement to dream big?

Working at CT Health has been incredible for me. And yet, it’s time for me to say goodbye. I have resigned as Digital Media Manager, effective March 4, 2015, and said hello to a new adventure.

I want to thank all of you for making this a great four years of my life. You’ve inspired me and challenged me. I’m a Health Leadership Fellow ’12, meaning I am forever charged with expanding health equity in Connecticut through systems change.

I take my commitment to eliminating inequities seriously. I’ll still see you at convenings, meetings, or maybe even at the LOB.

On March 5th, I begin my new adventure as a full-time freelance writer and editor for a marketing firm based in Sweden. We’re scattered across Sweden, Spain, England, Japan, and now, the US. So I’m not leaving Connecticut, I’m just working virtually. Thank you, internet!

You’ll stay in touch, won’t you? If we haven’t already, let’s connect on LinkedIn.


33 Responses to Hello, New Adventure

  1. Pam Meliso says:

    We’ll miss you Jenn! Hope we’ll still see you at Fellows gatherings! Good luck on your new adventure!

    • Jenn Whinnem says:

      Thanks, Pam. I’ll stay in touch. My first work trip is in two weeks to Miami – I have to admit I’m looking forward to leaving the eastern Connecticut cold even if it’s only for a few days.

  2. Congratulations and BEST wishes on your new adventure!!!

    Thank you for ALL of the tips/tricks you shared with me and for ALLLLLLLLLLL of the guidance/advice.

    I still plan to pick your brain from time to time. So happy for you- we know you’re going to knock em dead!


    • Jenn Whinnem says:

      Thank you, Stephanye, for your kindness, and your humor, and your -_________- (sorry everyone else for the in joke!). I’m so glad philanthropy can count you in as one of its social media communicators. You can pick my brain anytime. Just pick up the batphone.

  3. Pat Checko says:

    How exciting. How wonderful for you!! Sure we will stay in touch. Please sent me your new contact info.

    • Jenn Whinnem says:

      Hi Pat, thanks so much. I’m glad I got to meet you before I move onto the next chapter of my life. You’ll still see me at the HIT Council for SIM meetings.

  4. Jean Rexford says:

    You will be missed. Stay in touch

    • Jenn Whinnem says:

      I’ll miss you and your fiery energy, Jean. I hope I can convince you to start your own blog someday. You truly have the chops for it. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to patient safety and the elimination of medical errors.

  5. Amos says:

    How wonderful it is to do and get the ideal opportunity in life. I send prayer and blessing you blaze new trails and cross horizons.

  6. I wish you all the best. Good luck and stay in touch



  7. Maritza Bond says:


    Only you would leave us with an amazing closing message. While I am sad to hear the news, I want to sincerely wish you the best on your new endeavor! I hope we get to see each other in the rural part of the state!

    • Jenn Whinnem says:

      Maritza you made me laugh. Thank you for your kind words, and the work that you do. Eastern Fellows stick together! You’ll see me around.

  8. Frances Padilla says:

    Congratulations, Jenn, on what sounds like an exciting new venture! The world is vast and yet so small. We’ll miss your great work at CT Health, and your cheery smile!

    Stay in touch!

    • Jenn Whinnem says:

      Frances, thanks for your good wishes. It’s been a pleasure to work on complex health policy issues with you and your organization. My day-to-day just changed a lot, but, I’ll be staying on the HIT Council for SIM. I remain committed!

  9. Jenn, you have been a wonderful colleague — so helpful and savvy! Thank you for your support and assistance with our communications’ work. We’ll miss you!

    • Jenn Whinnem says:

      Jesse, you are so kind. You are in great hands with Emily and I’ll be keeping up on your inspiring work via social media. Someday I’ll write my own valentine to SBHCs for the way they improve health outcomes, particularly for children of color.

  10. Congratulations! Such exciting news! Best of luck!
    Mary Pat

    • Jenn Whinnem says:

      Mary Pat, thank you so much for your good wishes. Thanks to you and the Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition for your great work improving health outcomes for kids.

  11. Pam Higgins says:

    Jenn-I will always remember that it was YOU who introduced me to the power of twitter to inform and express my professional passions! Now, my public health students are creating their own prevention initiatives and using twitter as their vehicle. Good luck in your new adventure. Pam

    • Jenn Whinnem says:

      Pam, that is a great honor, thank you! I’m glad you’re spreading the power of social media to the public health masses. And thank you for your great work on our children’s mental health initiative.

  12. Yvette says:

    First off, you were such a cute kid. Second, I will miss seeing you at CT Health and am comforted that we will not loose you as an ally in this ever important issue. Congratulations on this new opportunity and expect you to stay in touch with me. Take Care WEPA Whinnem!

    • Jenn Whinnem says:

      WEPA Yvette! I could never quit you. Your wisdom and leadership have been invaluable to me during my time at the foundation. I thank you for that. I’m comforted the foundation will still have you as an ally.

  13. Roberta Echelson says:

    Best wishes on your grand adventure. Congratulations!

  14. Mary Boudreau says:

    Jenn, I wish you the best along with my gratitude for your insights and training on social media.

    • Jenn Whinnem says:

      Hi Mary, you were always so kind to listen to me hold forth on social media. I wish YOU the best as you keep going with social media. I learned a lot about oral health in the past four years, and it’s made me an evangelist even if it’s not on a systems level. Quid pro quo!

  15. Cece Peppers-Johnson says:

    Congratulations Jenn, what a wonderful opportunity. Enjoy what life brings you.


  16. Yolanda Caldera-Durant says:

    Jenn it was has been a great pleasure to work with you and have you as my next door office neighbor. I’ve appreciated your energy, creativity, intelligence, wit and good humor. Thanks to you I have a more solid understanding of the critical role that social media plays in philanthropy and in building effective leadership in social change efforts. I wish you an exciting next chapter in your life. I look forward to following you on Twitter & Linked In 🙂

    • Jenn Whinnem says:

      I miss you already Yolanda. Especially hearing “Good morning, Jenn!” in your musical way.

      I learned a lot from you, especially to ask “What do you guys do for fun?” during the interview process. That is really, REALLY important. You started a seismic culture shift at CT Health and we’re all better for it.

  17. Phillip Fortune says:

    It’s been great working with you Jenn.Congratulations to new adventures.

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