Improving the Health of African American Men

December 1, 2011

As part of this week’s focus on African American men & health on the Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health) blog, we’re featuring Loren Harris today. Loren is the founder and principal of Thinking Man Consulting (visit his site to see his impressive bio) and consultant to CT Health on our initiative to improve the patient-provider relationship and build public will for health equity for African American males.

We’ve selected the strategy of improving that relationship with the thought that it will lead to better health outcomes for this group, which is high risk. For example, results from a study done this year indicate that black men live longer in prison than if they are free. This is staggering, and deplorable. As we at CT Health work to achieve health justice for all, we cannot ignore this group.

In this video, Loren discusses why CT Health is interested in this issue, some insights from his research into the issue, and a systems-change approach to improving the patient-provider relationship for African American males.

6 Responses to Improving the Health of African American Men

  1. Marcus says:

    Great job. Loren is a leader in this field and the foundation should be commended for taking on this important work!

    • chf_admin says:

      Thank you, Marcus. We’re pleased to work with Loren as well. On a personal level, it was a real pleasure for me to interview him. Loren is very generous with his knowledge and it’s clear he really cares.


  2. Loren Harris says:

    Marcus thanks for the good word of support. Tackling health equity is a critical next frontier in work to improve life outcomes among African American males.

  3. Dannese Mapanda says:

    Great topic to tackle. I look forward to continue research and findings. Well done Loren!!

  4. Loren Harris says:

    Thank you Dannese. I appreciate your feedback and will continue to keep you abreast of future developments.

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