In the News: Connecticut Health Foundation and “No Wrong Door”

September 13, 2013

Late last month, the Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health) published findings from research commissioned by the Urban Institute in a policy brief entitled, No Wrong Door: Improving Health Equity and the Health Coverage Consumer Experience in Connecticut. You can see our infographic, and read the brief here.

“No Wrong Door” (NWD) is a system that allows consumers to apply for health insurance through different agencies, and then seamlessly routes them to the program that best meets their needs. Full implementation is critical in order for the affordable Care Act (ACA) to accomplish its goals. Connecticut has committed to implementing NWD by the end of 2015.

The Urban Institute’s research estimates that NWD would prevent 36,000 Connecticut residents from going without health insurance coverage for at least part of a year. People of color stand to benefit the most from NWD.

Here are three news items about NWD:

You can download the brief and view an easy-to-understand overview of NWD in an infographic here.


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