In the News: Ending State’s Health Care Disparities Vital

July 17, 2012

Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health) president & CEO Patricia Baker is a regular in the media lately. Today, her op-ed, “Ending State’s Health Care Disparities Vital” appears in The Hartford Courant.

From the op-ed: “Health coverage alone is not sufficient to eliminate these health disparities, neither does it guarantee good health outcomes. To ensure true access to quality care and good health outcomes, we must actively attend to implementing the initiatives within the act that specifically focus on achieving health equity.”

Read more to find out what those initiatives are.

2 Responses to In the News: Ending State’s Health Care Disparities Vital

  1. Elizabeth Perez says:

    I’m the Vice President of NAHN-HC referred to below. We are seeking a speaker to discuss health literacy in the Hispanic community. we are non profit and tax exempt. Out Motto “Promoting a Healthier Hartford”, can you help?
    The National Association of Hispanic Nurses Hartford Chapter invites nurses and other health professionals to join us, for our open house on Friday, Nov 9th from 5-7pm. It is at the Hispanic Health Council, Hartford CT.

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