In the News: How We Decided To Be a Health Equity Funder: The Connecticut Health Foundation’s New Strategic Direction

September 13, 2013

“When we previewed the fruits of our planning labor with some of CT Health’s founding board members who have cycled off the board, our plans were met with interest and a Dwight Eisenhower quote that I cannot help but agree with: “Plans are nothing, planning is everything.” Clearly, the plan document will guide us and how we work with partners moving forward. Yet, it was the planning process that was the context for scanning the environment in our state, deep reflection, and envisioning the foundation that CT Health aspires to be.”

Yesterday, a blog from Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health) vice president of policy & communications, Elizabeth Krause, appeared on the Health Affairs GrantWatch blog discussing how and why we decided to make health equity the strategic focus of our work. You can read the post here.

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