In the News: Medicaid Changes Lead To Massive Dental Gains For Connecticut Children

April 1, 2013

“For some kids, they are scared forever. I know people who will not talk. They will not open their mouth. They will cover their mouth,” said Dr. Tryfon Beazoglou who recently co-authored a report with Joanna Douglass, also from the University of Connecticut’s School of Dental Medicine.

Research commissioned by the Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health) is at the heart of a story on today: “Medicaid Changes Lead To Massive Dental Gains For Connecticut Children.”  CT Health researchers found that changes to dental provider reimbursement rates and reduced administrative burden led to twice as many children on Medicaid in CT receiving dental care over a five year period.

You can read and listen to the story here.

For more details, you can read our blog post, “How Connecticut Got More Kids Smiling,” here.

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