In the News: New Issue Brief Supporting Children’s Mental Health

March 10, 2014

The Keep the Promise (KtP) Coalition submitted a piece to The Hartford Courant about our children’s mental health initiative.

Early identification and early intervention/prevention were at the heart of what we had wanted to accomplish. Our two sites, iCARE (Identifying Children and Responding Early) in Middletown and VKB (Valley Kids Belong) in Derby, came together to write a brief that identifies their strategies for success.

You can read the Courant piece here.

We’ve blogged about our children’s mental health sites before.

Valley Kids Belong

Laura Mutrie, LCSW, Director of Clinical Services at Lower Naugatuck Valley Parent Child Resource Center, spoke with us about the evidence-based Triple P model that was the “secret sauce” of their site. The model is so popular that Laura says it has gone viral. Read and watch here.


What makes iCARE work so well is how they’ve bridged the gap between African American students and their families, and the teachers and school administration at Middletown’s Bielefield Elementary School. The Ministerial Alliance (MA) is a critical piece in developing trust between two groups that historically have been at odds in this community. In this blog post and video, Pastor Mitchell Wynn shares a success story from the program.

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