In the News: “No Wrong Door” For Health Insurance: Latinos Stand To Gain

March 12, 2014

“Sometimes the consumer just doesn’t know where to go,” Krause said. “The lack of awareness is higher in the Latino population, but it’s the job of the system to reach out to people to help them. People talk about healthcare insurance as a marathon and not a sprint.”

Robert Cyr of interviewed Elizabeth Krause, vice president of policy and communications, for his article “”No Wrong Door” For Health Insurance: Latinos Stand to Gain.”

Last year the Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health) published research findings that showed how a No Wrong Door policy would benefit people of color and their health. You can find an infographic and the brief here.

The state of Connecticut has until the end of 2015 to implement No Wrong Door, which would cut the number of uninsured Latinos in half. Read more in Cyr’s article here.

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