Is My Legislative Bill Being Called Today?

April 21, 2014

Connecticut_State_Capitol,_HartfordToday’s guest post was written by Matthew Gianquinto, Judith Blei Government Relations, a consultant to the Connecticut Health Foundation. JBGR does lobby for some clients, but we are not one of them. Instead, JBGR assists us in monitoring the legislative session, which is currently underway.

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“Is my bill being called today?”

The 2014 legislative session began February 5th, and ends May 7th of this year. As the session winds down, you may want to know if “your” bill is being called on any given day.

Each session day, the House produces a GO List, and publishes it on the CGA homepage below the calendar. The Go List is a list of the bills they might take up that day. This is often added to during session days late in the spring by a Supplemental Go List–more bills that could be called. That list often shows up at the whim of leadership.

The Senate works differently. They work off the Senate Calendar, and mark the bills they plan to call that day “Go” at the beginning of each session day. An updated Calendar is available every morning on the CGA site below the calendar. They do not have to act on each bill they mark Go. They can mark more bills at any time, and change the marking at any time. They can only call bills on the calendar that are marked “double star” (indicated by XX), which means they have been on the calendar for three days. They will waive those rules on important bills and more frequently late in the session as bills fly back and forth between chambers.

“What’s with all these numbers?”

You can find and track your bill by a few different numbers either on the CGA site. Each bill has a bill number, a calendar number, and a file copy number.

  • Bill number: Follows bills throughout the session, though the language in different versions of the same bill number changes as bills move through committees and chambers.
  • Calendar number: The number attached to a bill on either chamber’s calendar, or docket of potential bills to be called.
  • File number: As bills are amended, language that is added or removed can impact the financial consequences of any piece of legislation. These different iterations are distinguishable by the File Copy numbers. The newest versions of the bill will have the highest File Copy number.

I hope this helps you keep track of legislation important to your organization.



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  1. Isn’t this a great help? I sent this out on our Alert last week after reading it from Matt.

  2. Matt Gianquinto says:

    Glad to help out Mary!

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