Nancy Nolan, Jetsetter, Shares Photos from Turkey

November 21, 2012

She’s ridden on camels, in hot air balloons, eaten in the oldest pub in Scotland, sailed on the Nile, and visited the Temple of Poseidon. Who? Why, our resident grants manager and Health Leadership Fellows coordinator, Nancy Nolan, that’s who.

Nancy has been with the Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health) since 2000, but has been traveling since she was a teenager, when she first hopped into her friend’s white convertible and drove across the country. Nancy loves to travel so much that at one point she even tried her hand at being a flight attendant, but discovered that was not the most fun way to travel.

Nancy has a set group of friends that she has been traveling with for years: Don and his wife Ginny, and Hélène. The best part for the rest of us who don’t get to go on the trips is that Nancy is an amateur photographer, and always comes back with several CD’s full of pictures she’s taken from the places she’s been.

Most recently, she went to Turkey. Here are some of her favorite photos from the trip.

Pamukkale “cotton castle” in Turkish: “This geological formation is the result of hot calcium oxide-rich waters flowing down the slopes that overlooked fertile valleys.  Over time built up deposits of white travertine over the plateau.  They were known for their healing powers.  We took off our shoes and walked through pools of the water.  My feet felt really good especially after we had climbed up to visit the historic site of Hierapolis.”


Other views:

Cappadocia a region in Turkey : Nancy took a hot-air balloon ride over Cappadocia. Pictured below are the “Fairy Chimneys” rock formations.

Hagia Sophia which was first an Orthodox Christian church, then a mosque, and now a museum:

“People really did live here and some are to this day used as stores and even serve as a police station.”

Which of Nancy’s photos were your favorite? Have you been to Turkey? Share your photos – we were enchanted.

12 Responses to Nancy Nolan, Jetsetter, Shares Photos from Turkey

  1. Patricia Baker says:

    Nancy, you are a role model for all of us- enjoying the world and its treasures and not letting anything stop you. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photography with us on the homefront so we get to see the wonder of the world. Thank you, pat

  2. Lina Paredes says:

    I love the “fairy chimneys!” I’ve never seen anything like them!
    Nancy, you have inspired me – one day I hope to make it to Turkey!

  3. Karen Eichstaedt says:

    Nancy, these are breathtaking! I too am mesmerized by the fairy chimneys. They look very prevalent in the area. What is the story about their formation?

    Thank you so much for all that you are . . . and for allowing us a glimpse into your “other life”!!! Happy Thanksgiving, Karen

  4. Pam Meliso says:

    Tesekkur ederim for the beautiful pics! Istanbul is one of my dream destinations!

  5. Ann Levie says:

    Nancy, what a great way to escape Connecticut in November. Thanks for sharing Turkey with us. Which reminds me, Happy Thanksgiving. (Sorry, Couldn’t resist!)

  6. Heang Tan says:

    Wow. These photos are amazing Nancy!

  7. Charlotte Parniawski says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I was in awe of your pictures. What an amazing trip!
    I am intrigued by the fairy chimneys-their picture and the name!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!
    Charlotte Parniawski

  8. Pat Wrice says:

    Those pictures are breathtaking. That you are a jetsetter is something I didn’t know about you. What a pleasent surprize.

    Pat wrice

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