Restoring Smiles with the Connecticut Mission of Mercy

February 2, 2012

For people who can’t afford dental care, the Connecticut Mission of Mercy (CT MOM) is a real lifesaver. In one weekend, CT MOM provides free dental care to all comers – typically people who haven’t had dental care in years. Some of those people can’t get jobs because they can’t smile.

Now in its fifth year, CT MOM expects it will see 2,000 patients during its annual two-day clinic, which is being held March 23-24 in Danbury. The clinic was put together specifically to help the unserved and underserved get the dental care they need.

This event takes extensive coordination and many volunteers. Last year, they had 1700 volunteers, 900 community volunteers, and 800 professional volunteers.

In this first video, CT MOM co-chair and CT Health board member Robert M. Schreibman, DMD discusses what they’ve seen at the Mission and the care they provide. People even come from other states to get their teeth taken care of.


Of course, at CT Health, we’re interested in systems change. How does CT MOM, a two-day event, promote systems change? Here Bob discusses how they make oral health a priority for policy-makers.


CT MOM is a grantee of the Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health).

4 Responses to Restoring Smiles with the Connecticut Mission of Mercy

  1. Mercella Bingham says:

    Keep up this essential service. Are there opportunities to get involved?

  2. I cannot tell you how encouraging it is to hear Dr. Robert M Schreibman DMD, say that 2 days is not enough…

    It is particularly beautiful to hear this from someone who’s dedicated so much time to helping people who’s health depends on getting good dental services.

    Even a modicum of such services can mean the world to those in need…

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