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While I was on vacation last week, the Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health) proceeded to take the internet by storm. Medical homes, health equity, a grantee success story, and more appeared in various places around the web.

Let’s get caught up with the conversations CT Health has been having.

Our series on Advancing Health Equity through Medical Homes has been featured in the news recently. If you’re looking for deep context on this model and the opportunity for health equity, these two news pieces are where you should start. Colleen Shaddox of Connecticut Health I-Team and John Dankosky of WNPR’s Where We Live created complementary news pieces:

  • In this article, Colleen Shaddox writes, “According to [CT Health consultant] Ignatius Bau, medical homes are well equipped to address three historic causes of racial disparity: poor access, delayed care and inadequate data.” But how? Shaddox takes a deep dive into this question, speaking with Bau, CT Health grantee and executive director of United Connecticut Action for Neighborhoods Alta Lash, CT Health grantee  and president of the Connecticut State Medical Society Dr. John A. Foley, and CT Health’s Senior Program Officer, Elizabeth Krause. (Connecticut Health I-Team)
  • In sync with the previous article, John Dankosky of WNPR’s Where We Live interviewed Colleen Shaddox, Alta Lash, and Vicki Veltri, Office of the Health Care Advocate, about this topic. You can hear the audio here. John explores this topic from another perspective, extracting insights not in the previous article for people unfamiliar with the concept of the medical home. (This story was done as part of a grant to WNPR). (Your Public Media)

How CT Health is working within the context of the Affordable Care Act to advance our mission:

  • The medical home is not the only way to revolutionize the delivery of health care. Currently insurers reimburse physicians per office visit or medical procedure. CT Health is interested in moving toward a model wherein physicians are reimbursed for making their patients healthy. In conjunction with the Universal Health Care Foundation, CT Health has matched a grant from Grantmakers in Health to help the Connecticut Department of Public Health secure up to $70 million in Affordable Care Act money for this purpose. You can read about it here. (Public News Service)
  • Update On Funding To Improve Minority Health And Reduce Health Disparities. CT Health is mentioned in this article about the role philanthropy is playing in the health equity piece of the Affordable Care Act. (Health Affairs)

Grantee spotlight:

Guest blog posts from Elizabeth Krause:

That’s quite a bit of news! Got any you’d like to share with us?


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