The Promise (and Potential Pitfalls) of Health Information Technology (HIT)

July 17, 2012

While interviewing Tina Brown-Stevenson about her role as Program Committee Chair for the Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health), I also asked her to discuss her take on health information technology (HIT). As Chief Clinical Information Officer at Optum Insight, a health technology company, Tina is on the cutting edge of new thinking and trends in health technology.

In the video, Tina admits “I used to have a phone that attached to the wall, and it worked just fine” (which, given Tina’s many productivity gadgets, is rather funny). Yet she balances that with the opportunity HIT offers to make patient care faster, with less duplication and error. From what Tina says, if clinicians can learn to use this technology AND make eye contact with their patients, HIT can continue to transform the delivery of health care.

2 Responses to The Promise (and Potential Pitfalls) of Health Information Technology (HIT)

  1. Patricia Baker says:

    Tina, thank you for your leadership and vision on the issue of technology as a tool that enhances patient care and safety. I so appreciate that you as a clinician represent the best possible marriage of clinical care and technology always with an eye to population health. Thank you again, pat

  2. Tina Brown-Stevenson says:

    We are so lucky to be in the age of technology-supported advances in wellness and healthcare. The difference will be felt for generations to come. The Foundation will be an important evaluator and supporter of those advances as they relate to health equity.

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