Trends in Social Justice

April 3, 2012

Michael Williams, a founding board member of the Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health), is particularly interested in the connections between economic, educational, legal, and health disparities.

“What I discovered through the foundation is that you can’t address racial health disparities without addressing all racial disparities,” says Michael in the video below.

Michael is facing disparities head-on both inside and outside of work. Currently, he is the Regional Administrator for the Department of Children and Families (DCF), where he has undertaken an initiative to address the disproportionate contact minorities have with the agency. He serves on the Board of Education in the Town of Bloomfield, where they are tackling the achievement gap. He’s also active with the Commission for Health Equity, the CT agency that “seeks to improve the health outcomes of residents based on race, ethnicity, gender and linguistic ability.”

I interviewed Michael prior to the Trayvon Martin shooting, which makes his comment that “it’s time the United States has an open, honest conversation about race” particularly prescient.

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