What Happens When Philanthropy Works Together? Part II

Alyse Sabina, Aetna Foundation

“Without data that could be monitored over time, how could those interested in improving the health of Connecticut residents track progress or measure success?” I and my co-author, Alyse Sabina of the Aetna Foundation, asked in “Solving the Connecticut Data Deficit through Collaboration” in December’s issue of Views from the Field (a publication of Grantmakers in Health).

Jenn Whinnem, Connecticut Health Foundation

Last year, I blogged about the now-known-as Funding Health Affinity Group (FHAG), which comprises the Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health), the Aetna Foundation, the Donaghue Foundation, Foundation for Community Health , and the Universal  Health Care Foundation and, since that time, the Children’s Fund of Connecticut. The blog, “What Happens When Philanthropy Works Together?” described how these funders came together around the desire to collect meaningful statewide data around the health of Connecticut residents. You can read that blog here.

From the article:

“Collaboration comes with abundant opportunities for organizations to increase their impact. And yet, an irony in the field of philanthropy is that we often ask our grantees to collaborate, but we often do not “walk the talk” ourselves. Collaboration is hard work. It takes time and demands difficult conversations around delicate issues, such as roles and responsibilities.”

With this frame, Alyse and I laid out how the funders approached the collaboration, and shared some lessons we collectively learned along the way.

We’d love to have a conversation around the challenges of collaboration. What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve experienced in collaborating with other partners in your work? Does “collaboration” get more lip service than actual action?

Solving the Connecticut Data Deficit through Collaboration

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