What WNPR is Doing About Health Disparities

October 4, 2012

WNPR/Connecticut Public Radio is not, as WNPR News Director and host of Where We Live John Dankosky reminded me on camera, an advocacy organization.

It’s a news organization. Much like the Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health), WNPR does not advocate for certain positions or push an agenda. Instead, we both try to influence a conversation with good information.

This year, CT Health awarded WNPR a $50,000 grant. The link between a health philanthropy and a news organization may not be intuitive until you consider WNPR’s audience. NPR itself has an audience that is three times more likely than the average radio listener to have been an active member of any group that tries to influence public policy. Reaching that audience with stories about people who have suffered as a result of inequity has real potential for change.

In this video, John answers the question, “Why is WNPR trying to do something about health disparities?”

As part of the grant, WNPR will hold four live Where We Live events. Can we count on seeing you there? What stories would you like to see WNPR cover?

2 Responses to What WNPR is Doing About Health Disparities

  1. CT Health is pleased to partner with WNPR to raise awareness and educate audiences about advancing health equity, especially for people of color. It’s an exciting project and we look forward to hearing from our stakeholders and new audiences at upcoming town hall meetings.

  2. Heang Tan says:

    What a wonderful partnership! Looking forward to hearing more from John and the WNPR team about this exciting project.

    Great interview, Jenn!

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