Damian E. Humphrey

Management Consultant and Program Developer, Culturas Consulting Services
East Hartford, CT

Leadership is humbly, courageously, and consistently leading self and other towards justice and equity based on the value intrinsically embedded in every human being.

“What inspired me to action was seeing the lack of basic health services, cultural competency in medicine, and access to health care, and how these problems were directly linked to social, racial, economic and educational disparities,” says Damian E. Humphrey.

Through his work in social programming, Humphrey has seen how children’s lack of access to basic services negatively affects their educational and social development. He hopes to be a part of the solution and to provide education and advocacy for underserved and vulnerable communities.

Humphrey has an associate’s degree in business administration from Mitchell College and a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership from Quinnipiac University. He is pursuing an MBA at the University of Connecticut School of Business.

“I love action and advocacy and teaching people how to find and share their voices,” says Humphrey. He currently teaches medical and community interpreting at Springfield Technical Community College and volunteers in East Hartford with parents from his children’s school to advocate for better resource allocation, educational opportunities and services.