José Segura

Administrative Director, Seifert and Ford Family Community Health Center
Danbury Hospital
Danbury, CT

Leadership is the ability to communicate a vision to others, to engage them in sharing ownership of that vision, and converting it into reality.

Born in the Dominican Republic, José Segura came to the U.S. following the revolution in the late 1960s. “Growing up in the Washington Heights area of New York, I came to accept that our local emergency room was the equivalent of our community doctor,” says Segura. He studied music at Juilliard and the Manhattan School of Music and, although music has played a major role in his life, he found his true calling elsewhere.

After earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees from New York University’s School of Social Work, Segura held several health care positions. In 2001 he became associate director of ambulatory care at North Central Bronx Hospital, where he “began to understand the severity of the health care crisis, and realized how entrenched the disparities in our system have become.”

Segura is most passionate about his family and raising their 9-year-old son, Miles, providing him with the guidance he will need to be a good person and navigate a turbulent world. “He, in turn,” says Segura, “inspires me to improve myself every day.”