Kristen Noelle Hatcher, JD

Attorney, Connecticut Legal Services
Middletown, CT

The most valuable skill a leader can possess is the ability to recognize potential in others and to nurture their growth towards reaching that potential.

“Growing up, I saw firsthand what a lack of access to health care could do,” says Kristen Noelle Hatcher. “My mom was a single parent and my sister and I suffered from asthma. Due to limited finances and a lack of health insurance, my mother had to be very selective when deciding when we should go to the doctor.”

At Wesleyan University, Hatcher says, “I took courses that exposed me to racial disparities and their impact. I learned of the far-reaching effects of slavery, segregation and Jim Crow.” She learned that disparities in health care delivery result in higher mortality rates and more incidents of preventable disease in non-white communities. Hatcher worked in various health care settings before attending the University of Colorado Law School. After graduating, she sought a position that would allow her to use her health background to help marginalized populations.

Hatcher’s passions are her family, running, and the water; she also serves on the board of an organization that provides respite for abused and neglected children.