Daileann L. Hemmings, MSN, RN

Registered Nurse
Hartford Hospital
Hartford, CT

“Calculate that there will always be obstacles, once you recognize them and commit to moving past them, the power of those obstacles diminishes.”

Daileann L. Hemmings has been a women’s health registered nurse for seven years, working in some of the country’s top hospitals.  Hemmings recently earned a master’s of science degree in nursing with a focus in community/public health from the University of Hartford.  Hemmings believes it is everyone’s duty to actively participate in working towards health equity.

Hemmings is a certified intermediate community sickle cell counselor.  She joined the Citizens for Quality Sickly Cell Care board of directors in New Britain in 2010.  Her goal is to educate the community on the unbearable pain experienced by individuals experiencing a sickle cell crisis.  As a co-leader on the board at the Institute of Community Research in Hartford, she collaborates with interdisciplinary professionals to decrease HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancy in Hartford.    She has been engaged in fundraising for sickle cell, March of Dimes and Connecticut Public Television, recently supporting UCONN women’s basketball on CPTV.