Fernando Marroquin-Saavedra, MD

Grassroots Strategies
Hartford, CT

“Leadership is the opportunity to share your knowledge by example, being proactive, making the best decision, and providing a solution based on what is the best outcome for humanity.”

Fernando Marroquin-Saavedra graduated from the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala with a degree in general surgery and a master’s in hospital administration.  Presently he is a first year student in a doctoral program in sociology and political science.

Marroquin came to the United States as a field organizer focusing on the health care crisis.   In Hartford, “I noted that access to health care to all minorities was not being taken as a serious issue because of language, cultural barriers, color, and the inability to afford care,” he says.  Marroquin is working on a campaign to promote health care reform in Connecticut.  “Affordable health care should be a right for everyone in the state,” he says.

Marroquin is passionate about family and outdoor sports, and is a huge soccer fan.  He enjoys reading, dancing and social gatherings.