Mari S. Merwin, LPC

Asian Family Services
Hartford, CT

“Effective leadership requires skills to guide individuals in establishing priority goals, strategizing and tracking progress.  An effective leader possesses personal qualities to empower and energize every member of the group until a project is completed.”

Mari S. Merwin received her leadership training while she held management positions at Global Fortune 100 companies.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Monmouth College, Illinois, a master’s degree in child psychology from Farleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey and master’s in education from Springfield College, Massachusetts where she majored in psychiatric rehabilitation.

“Having worked with Asian, African American, and Hispanic clients for six years at Asian Family Services, I am convinced that my clients could have been healthier if their chronic mental health issues were detected earlier, if co-occurring disorders were treated more effectively and thoroughly, and if learning difficulties were addressed at school,” she says.  Merwin is eager to work with like-minded people to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in physical and mental health.

When not at work, she is passionate about helping hospice patients as a volunteer.