Patrick F. Corbett, PharmD

Pharmacy Clinical Specialist, Medication Safety Officer
Norwalk Hospital
Norwalk, CT

“In order to achieve a quality healthcare environment for all the next generation of healthcare leaders need to simultaneously walk the line of patient empowerment, fiscal responsibility and regulatory risk.”

As a clinical pharmacy specialist at Norwalk Hospital, Patrick Corbett works with physicians, nurses, other health care practitioners and patients to optimize medications used and seek exceptional outcomes. He completed both his bachelor’s and doctorate degrees from the University Of Connecticut School Of Pharmacy.  After graduation he worked as an overnight pharmacist where he was exposed to the diversity and disparities in healthcare and the impact on a patient’s life.

Corbett adheres to a philosophy of patient education and empowerment to ultimately drive healthcare decisions. As a pharmacist with training in pain and palliative care, he witnessed healthcare disparities in patient access to pain management resources as well as healthcare provider understanding of patient healthcare core values. “While pain may be subjective to our patients, our treatment & understanding of our patient’s pain management goals should not,” he says.

Outside of work in the pharmacy profession, he practices the Brazilian martial art of capoeira, and plays guitar and baritone horn. “I thoroughly love to travel, and honing my culinary skills.”