Karen J. Hatcher-Sneed, MPA

Pequot Health Care/PRxN
Mashantucket, CT

“Leadership is the ability to motivate and influence individuals and institutions around a collective vision, that when attained results in the highest level of individual empowerment, professional development and organizational growth.”

Karen Hatcher-Sneed is the President of Pequot Health Care and its divisions Pequot Plus Health Benefit Services ™ and the Pequot Pharmaceutical Network® (PRxN®), a benefit administration company and pharmacy owned by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation.

Hatcher-Sneed’s background covers 20+ years of leadership experience in government and the nonprofit sector. She is especially interested in understanding how Population Health Management can help reduce health disparities and improve the health and wellness of American Indians and African Americans. “As a woman of mixed heritage, I have seen family and tribal relatives suffer from chronic diseases and illnesses that in most cases were preventable if only they had had access to quality health care and to resources that encourage health ownership,” she says. She holds a master’s in public administration from Bernard M. Baruch College and a bachelor’s from Oberlin College.

Born and raised in Willimantic, Karen is an avid reader and enjoys visiting museums, art galleries and cultural institutions. She is an enrolled member of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe and resides with her family in Groton.