Jacqueline Ortiz Miller

Jacqueline Ortiz-MillerName: Jacqueline Ortiz Miller

Occupation: Community Health Worker, Center for Community Research, C3R at Connecticut Childrens Medical Center.

Why does health equity matter to you?

Families in my community who are low-income, have linguistic barriers, lack of transportation, and a fear of diagnosis continue to have unequal access to healthcare. I believe everyone deserve to have equal access regardless of their environment. Anything less is unacceptable.

What’s in your leadership toolkit?

As a Hispanic from Puerto Rico who migrated to Brooklyn, NY, I have personal knowledge of what it means to have inequitable access to healthcare. My personal experiences, my voice, and my passion for my community are the tools that I have to lead in bringing forth their message to the powers that be.

Which TV show character inspires you?

I am inspired by Sydney Bristow, a female action hero from the television show Alias. I like Sydney am an agent in the community, whose secret weapon is the fearlessness I have each day, as I navigate through my community regardless of the danger, emotional and physical challenges that I face with every mission. Every day I throw on my cape, with the letters H.E. on my chest, and I fight the bad guys in this world who continue to allow inequitable access to healthcare.