Investing in Health Equity

Improving health outcomes in our society won’t happen overnight, and no one organization can do it alone. Real change comes from collaboration, creativity, deliberation and bold thinking and actions. Through our grantmaking, CT Health supports organizations and institutions that seek to implement systems-change solutions. By bringing funds and strategic thinking together, we can make greater strides toward changing our health system to create better outcomes all across Connecticut.

As part of our investment, we fund projects and initiatives that support the concept of health equity. If you are already working in this space, we want to help find ways to amplify your work. If you’re not, then we encourage you to learn more about health equity and explore how it could relate to your work.

We solicit grant proposals through Requests for Proposals (RFPs), and welcome proposals with your project ideas, as well. We also give out various small grants each year from our President’s Discretionary Grant Award.

To get started, visit our Grantseeker Checklist now.