Expanding health equity and creating greater access to affordable, high quality care aren’t goals we can accomplish alone. We know that the keys to making real change happen are purposeful action and true collaboration, which is why we support the idea of power in numbers.

There isn’t just one solution to the inequity problems that our state and country currently face. We need to work together to tackle systems change in health care from every angle, so CT Health is committed to helping advancing policy decisions through teamwork. We are present at tables where key decisions are made and provide strategic direction in select advisory bodies and committees that share our goals. It is this united approach that is moving our mission forward.

CT Health is dedicated to representing the health needs of Connecticut’s undeserved and underserved communities of color by playing a role in statewide conversations on health care in our state. Our staff members participate in a number of work groups, including the Medicaid Strategy Group, the Governor’s Healthcare Cabinet, the Access Health CT Brokers & Navigators Advisory Committee, the Access Health CT Navigators and In-Person Assistors Core Team, the Commission on Health Equity, the State Healthcare Innovation Planning Committee and others.

If you would like to learn more about the committees we work with or to invite our participation, please get in touch.