America’s health care systems are constantly changing, so in an effort to stay active and effective, it’s important for our organization to evolve right along with them.

For the past 12 years, CT Health has been a leader in supporting policy and practice improvements in the health delivery system across three priority areas: children’s mental health, oral health and racial and ethnic health disparities. As a result of this work, we learned many rich lessons and made relationships that proved our greatest potential lies in expanding health equity. We are excited to be making this transition to health equity as our central focus, and we believe it is a decision that will benefit the state, as well as our own organization.

We believe children’s mental health and oral health are both health equity issues. Our new strategic plan focuses on integrating the delivery of physical, mental and oral health care over time. As categorical funders, we ended our children’s mental health initiatives in 2014, but we will continue to fund oral health initiatives through 2018.

Currently, there are many outstanding organizations making great strides for children’s mental health in Connecticut, which is why we felt confident stepping back and letting others take the helm. Oral health is on a slightly longer timeline and is set to wrap up at the end of 2018. We feel that we can still contribute value moving forward and will work to ensure a smooth hand-off for the oral health priority as the years progress. Once our transition is complete, we will have an integrated strategy centered on expanding health equity for all Connecticut residents as our plan moving forward.