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What's new in health? Weekly highlights

The Connecticut Health Foundation launched a weekly newsletter round-up of top local and national stories about health care reform and health equity to keep you informed. We will update our website with the four most recent round-ups so make sure to check back weekly or subscribe to our emails ! Week of … more >

June 23, 2017

Improving health while saving money? Yes, it can be done.

Photo by Gale Zucker It turns out there’s a way to both save money and improve outcomes for high-need patients with asthma, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. No, it’s not a new high-tech device or miracle pill. It’s something more old-fashioned: Public health workers who can build trusting … more >

June 21, 2017

Academy Insights:  An update on the foundation’s health equity advocacy and leadership program

Today on our blog, we hear from our Academy facilitators, Licy DoCanto and Jonathan Kent, who provide a recap of the March Leadership Academy seminar.   On a cold (but sunny) day in January, the foundation celebrated the long-awaited launch of the Academy for Health Equity Advocacy & Leadership … more >

May 10, 2017

Academy Leader Spotlight: Gina Federico Muslim

Today’s post spotlights Gina Federico Muslim, Director, North Hartford Partnership for Community Solutions and a 2017 Leader in our Academy for Health Equity Advocacy & Leadership. Gina has over 20 years of experience working in the non-profit field and has been involved in community … more >

March 31, 2017

Academy Leader Spotlight: Nichelle A. Mullins

Today’s post spotlights Nichelle A. Mullins, President and CEO of Charter Oak Health Center and a 2017 Leader in our Academy for Health Equity Advocacy & Leadership. As a native of Hartford and an attorney by trade, Nichelle has been a strong advocate for children's legal and education … more >

March 6, 2017