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Carol’s Corner: Boards, Fundraising, and Kindness in the Age of Technology

From Jenn: If there’s a thoughtful article on the topic of finance and or operations, Carol Pollack has read it. When I started asking staff to share with me things they had read, Carol was the most consistent source of articles that really get to the heart of how nonprofits can best do their work. Every … more >

Harnessing Empathy In My New Role

Today's post was written by the Vice President of Policy & Communications, Elizabeth Krause. In June, after the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy’s annual meeting exploring “widespread empathy” I offered three ideas for bringing empathy into system focused work . A week into my tenure … more >

A Word from Patricia Baker: Be Sure to Vote Today!

Today's post is from Connecticut Health President & CEO, Patricia Baker. Today is a day we renew our faith in democracy by going to the polls and registering our choices on everything from the Presidency to school budgets and roads. The act of making one’s voice heard- this civic engagement  … more >

November 6, 2012

In the News: Cancer Deaths: Gap Persists Among Blacks, Whites

"Policymakers, researchers and practitioners are only beginning to come to terms with the complex role that race, culture, education, income level and even biology play in determining whether a person gets cancer, how soon it’s detected and whether he or she will die." The Connecticut Health Foundation … more >

October 26, 2012

Taking the Web by Storm

While I was on vacation last week, the Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health) proceeded to take the internet by storm. Medical homes, health equity, a grantee success story, and more appeared in various places around the web. Let's get caught up with the conversations CT Health has been having. … more >