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In the News: Cancer Deaths: Gap Persists Among Blacks, Whites

"Policymakers, researchers and practitioners are only beginning to come to terms with the complex role that race, culture, education, income level and even biology play in determining whether a person gets cancer, how soon it’s detected and whether he or she will die." The Connecticut Health Foundation … more >

October 26, 2012

Taking the Web by Storm

While I was on vacation last week, the Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health) proceeded to take the internet by storm. Medical homes, health equity, a grantee success story, and more appeared in various places around the web. Let's get caught up with the conversations CT Health has been having. … more >

5 Reasons to Join #hcsmct

Today's guest post was written by Siobahn Kinney, Social Media Coordinator for Community Health Center Association of Connecticut. Follow her at siobahnkinney and CTHealthCenters . When the Community Health Center Association of Connecticut (CHCACT) first joined Twitter, I thought it would be a … more >

October 16, 2012

What WNPR is Doing About Health Disparities

WNPR Connecticut Public Radio is not, as WNPR News Director and host of Where We Live John Dankosky reminded me on camera, an advocacy organization. It's a news organization. Much like the Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health), WNPR does not advocate for certain positions or push an agenda. Instead, … more >

October 4, 2012

Why Do Some Kids End Up in the Juvenile Justice System? Part II

The blown-up copy of a child’s final report card gave an overall grade of “F,” which was written in large text and circled. The teacher’s comment? “Have a great summer!” When Martha Stone, Executive Director of the Center for Children’s Advocacy (CCA), visited the Connecticut Health … more >

September 28, 2012