Expanding the Health Care “Pie” to Improve Minority Health

The Front Lines of Health Reform, Edition II

Search on the words “health disparities” in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and you’ll find 62 references toward the goal of reducing racial and ethnic health disparities in the U.S. The Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health) combed through them all to find out which initiatives will help drive systems change at the state and national levels.

The result? The two resources that are linked below for your download. Grouped by topics in the ACA legislation, each matrix details the ACA requirements and opportunities in Connecticut, as well as information on available or already awarded funding.

National Strategies for Advancing Health Equity

Beginning at the national level, we’ll take a look at new tools and opportunities under the ACA to expand the “health equity pie.” To get us started, here are two federal offices that are well positioned to drive change:

>>You can download our matrix of national strategies for advancing health equity here.

States to the Feds: Show Me the Money

The ACA authorized federal grants that would fund state efforts designed to tackle racial and ethnic health disparities. However, as of October 1 of this year, only a select few of these grant programs have actually been funded by Congress. Here is a sample of programs that have seen dollars flow into our  state:

>>You can download our matrix of state-level strategies for advancing health equity here.