Health Equity and the Safety Net

The health care safety net includes both public programs to make health insurance more available and affordable, and the system of service providers that exists to meet the needs of vulnerable populations. The importance of the safety net for expanding health equity was underlined by recent findings from the Connecticut Health Care Survey, highlighted in a May 2014 brief by Jack Hoadley of Georgetown University.

Funded by the Connecticut Health Funders Collaborative, the survey is a population-based assessment of the health and health care of Connecticut residents with a focus on patient perceptions and experiences. Membership in the Collaborative comprises Aetna Foundation, Children’s Fund of Connecticut, Connecticut Health Foundation, Foundation for Community Health, The Patrick and Catherine Weldon Donaghue Medical Research Foundation, and Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut. The survey was developed and conducted by the University of Massachusetts Medical School Center for Health Policy and Research.

The infographic below depicts how the combination of affordable health insurance and high-quality care makes the safety net a vital tool in expanding health equity for people of color in Connecticut. download-the-brief



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