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Barriers to Patient Centered Care: My Perspective as a Physician, Patient, Caregiver and Advocate

This is a photo of Linda Barry, MD.Today’s post is an article written by Linda Barry, a member of our Community Advisory Committee.

Linda K. Barry, M.D., M.P.H, FACS is a board certified liver and pancreas surgeon with a unique background in both clinical and basic science research. As an Associate Professor of Surgery, Dr. Barry practices and teaches at the University of Connecticut Medical School, as well as holds the position of Director of the Office of Multicultural and Community Affairs. Dr. Barry’s professional experience and life’s work has been in addressing health disparities in health care delivery and research. From bench side in the laboratory to bedside delivery of care to patients, her experience as a clinician and researcher enables her to understand the need for translating scientific research into measurable, improved patient outcomes.

This article was prepared in response to the discussion held at a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and AcademyHealth meeting on Patient Centered Care that took place in May 2019. This invitational meeting was attended by experts representing patient, provider, payer, policy, and research stakeholders’ perspectives, and the meeting was informed by a discussion paper prepared by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health on the barriers to delivering patient centered care.

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