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Board Member Profiles: Meet Steven J. Huleatt

Grant-making is just one of the ways the Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health) achieves its mission. We also work in the arena of public policy, because it plays an important role in how public health is valued and health care is practiced. Policy is a system that touches and influences the many systems that affect the health of Connecticut residents.

CT Health is a private foundation, and as such, we are restricted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from lobbying and funding our grantees to lobby. Instead, we track and monitor legislation so that we can educate and inform advocates, state government decision-makers and elected officials about the consequences of budget, legislative and regulatory proposals on Connecticut residents, especially the un- and under-served.

Our Public Policy Committee, chaired by Steven J. Huleatt, director of health for the West Hartford-Bloomfield Health District, oversees and guides our policy work. The, the Committee advises the Board of Directors on the policies that closely align with CT Health’s strategic objectives.

In this video, Steven discusses how the Committee makes its decisions. I had the opportunity to tour and learn about the West Hartford-Bloomfield Health District before I interviewed Steven in their conference room.

What input would you provide to the Committee about its policy work?