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How are They Leading Now? Stephanye Clarke, Class of 2010

Because we’re in the process of recruiting for our 2013 class of Health Leadership Fellows, we want to share with you stories of Fellows who have gone on to apply their fellowship learning to the goal of achieving health equity.

Meet Stephanye Clarke, a Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health) Leadership Fellow from the class of 2010. Stephanye is a Health Program Coordinator & HIV Prevention Educator at the Ledge Light Health District.

When she began the fellowship in September 2009, she also became involved in a project at Ledge Light involving the Thames River Apartment Complex. The apartments primarily house residents of extremely low income, and were intended to be transitional housing. Now, however, those buildings are approximately 50 years old, and they have become intergenerational, with grandparents, parents, and children all living in the buildings.

Stephanye worked with the residents to discover which social determinant of health they’d like to prioritize. They chose environmental exposures. Now the residents and Ledge Light are working with housing and the community to create recommendations for policies that would improve their health.

In this video, Stephanye discusses how the CT Health Leadership Fellows program empowered her in this project.


I (Jenn) had the pleasure of getting to know Stephanye because she connected with CT Health on Twitter. Not only does Stephanye use Twitter to build public will for health equity, she also attends the #hcsmct (that stands for health care social media connecticut) tweetup, which takes place monthly, and the weekly twitter chats, which take place 3PM EST on Mondays. Get to know Stephanye on Twitter here, and if you’d like to join a friendly group that discusses health, health care, and social media, tweet us with the hashtag #hcsmct ! (And if you don’t know what any of that means but would like to find out, email me at jenn at cthealth dot org).