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In the News: CT Health Survey: 45% Of Adults Suffer From Chronic Disease

“Six health foundations released the results of a telephone survey of 5,447 adults conducted between June 2012 and February 2013. As in previous reports, the survey found persistent disparities in health care between racial and ethnic groups, but foundation officials said this is the first time residents have provided details about their own health.”

More than two years ago, I blogged about the Connecticut Health Funders Collaborative, as it came to be known. The post focused on the potential power of these funders pooling resources to benchmark the health of Connecticut residents:

The telephone survey has been completed, and we’ll be sharing the results this week.

The Connecticut Health Investigative Team’s Kate Farrish’s article, “CT Health Survey: 45% Of Adults Suffer From Chronic Disease” gives an early look at the findings. Read the article here.