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What Obamacare Has Done for Zee Lately

Obamacare Success Story ZaheerWell, what has the Affordable Care Act (ACA) done for Zaheer, a successful small business owner from South Windsor, Connecticut?

  • Saved him $15,000 this first year in health insurance premiums for him and his family
  • Given him peace of mind because he can’t be denied coverage because of his pre-existing condition
  • Provided high-quality coverage for his dialysis treatments, and soon, the kidney transplant he needs

Believe it or not, Zee had had zero interest in switching his plan to one offered through Access Health CT. But now, Zee is one of the ACA’s biggest champions. What changed his mind?

How the ACA Won Zee Over

“I had to be convinced about Obamacare,” says Zee. “I was skeptical that I would have to go to some kind of walk-in clinic that’s run by the government. That’s how the news media painted it. I have complex health needs. Diabetes, kidney disease. A walk-in clinic can’t help me with those.”

Zee was also concerned that other health insurance companies would reject him because of his pre-existing conditions. His current plan was guaranteed, so why take the risk?

“One of my friends had applied through Access Health CT and urged me to see if I could match what I had, for less,” says Zee. “I did better than that. I couldn’t believe how much money I would save. And nobody asked me any questions about my health.”

Prior to the ACA, Zee was paying a total of $2,350 in premiums for himself, his wife, and his three children.

“Now, I am paying $783 per month for my entire family. The deductible is a little higher, but it is almost the same coverage. It is good coverage,” says Zee. “And no, I do not receive subsidies.

“I was facing bankruptcy between the high premiums and the out-of-pocket costs for my medical care. These savings have kept my business open.”

Spreading the Word about Obamacare

When asked if his other friends had enrolled in Obamacare, Zee responded: “This is the time of year to renew. So I’ve asked my friend who is a broker to meet with me and a group of small business owners,” says Zee. “I’ll be sitting with him to convince other people to look into the Access Health CT. The plans are so affordable.”

Zee is confident that he can at least reach this particular community of business people because of his affiliation as president of the Pakistani American Association of Connecticut. Most of the members own small businesses. And, he’s also having his employees to look into enrollment this time around.

“I am a registered Republican, but I have to disagree with them about Obamacare,” says Zee. “I am thankful the government has this kind of program. It’s a great program, especially for small business owners like me.

“It is such a relief to know I won’t lose my health insurance because I’m sick.”

Good News for Zee

And, the best news for Zee is that he is being considered for a kidney transplant. Imagine if Zee had not been covered, his dialysis and a transplant would cost a lot—putting yet another small business owner at risk of losing his businesses.

For the first time in 15 years, Zee has been able to take his family on a week-long vacation with the money he saved by enrolling in health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

It’s Time to Get Covered

Now’s the time to enroll in a health insurance plan. And, if you enroll in health insurance by December 15, 2014, you’ll have a great start to your 2015 with health insurance.

No matter what you’re eligible for, you can get started on the Access Health CT website. Or, if you’d like someone to sit with you and help you figure out your options, get in touch with one of these organizations listed in this press release.