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Seeking: Unusual Suspects for Health Equity

Today’s post was written by Jamey Bell, Executive Director at Greater Hartford Legal Aid, a grantee of the Connecticut Health Foundation.

Greater Hartford Legal Aid (GHLA) is hiring. In partnership with the Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health), we’re seeking applicants for a new two-year, salaried health equity fellowship.

This time we’re looking for someone a little different. The “Health Equity Policy Advocacy Fellow with a Focus on Oral Health” is perfect for you if:

  • You’re passionate about health equity, and are committed to seeing it through in Connecticut
  • You want to seize the opportunity to take a deep dive into understanding health inequities, and identifying the policy and advocacy strategies that help eliminate them
  • You’re a seasoned professional with experience working in the health care field

Why oral health? Good question. Both GHLA and CT Health have a long history of working in oral health, and have partnered in advancing reforms that have helped improve access to care for children on Medicaid.

A look at oral health inequities is a look at overall inequities, but in miniature. Through the lens of oral health, we see inequity manifest through:

  • Lack of dental insurance, or lack of adequate dental insurance
  • Racial and ethnic differences
  • Special health care needs
  • Poor integration with overall health
  • Poor uptake of care due to a variety of social and behavioral determinants

In short, oral health is a microcosm of the issues underpinning inequities in our current health care system. It’s a manageable way to get your arms around the broader issues that create inequities.

Imagine having the time and salary to:

  • Uncover the stories of those people and populations affected by the unequal delivery of health care
  • Develop relationships with those experienced in working to promote health equity
  • Carry out in-depth research, with a particular focus on oral health and health inequities
  • Develop and enhance leadership skills
  • Grow advocacy skills
  • Work on a variety of different topics with a variety of different agencies and mentors

While the focus of the fellowship is oral health, you don’t need to be an oral health expert to apply. You can find the necessary qualifications for the Health Equity Policy Advocacy Fellow with a Focus on Oral Health on the foundation’s career page.

Our long term hope is that the successful fellow will gain skills that will help her or him become a future Connecticut leader in health equity, especially, but not limited to, oral health.