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What We’re Reading this Week (March 9, 2012)

Our reading themes for this week were social justice, health reform, and fundraising.

  • Lina Paredes: “Black Students Face More Discipline, Data Suggests” from the New York Times. From the article: “Although black students made up only 18 percent of those enrolled in the schools sampled, they accounted for 35 percent of those suspended once, 46 percent of those suspended more than once and 39 percent of all expulsions.”
  • Carol Pollack shares two articles:
    • 9 Ways Board Members Can Raise Money Without Fundraising from the Social Velocity blog. Carol says, “It’s an interesting read for organizations who are trying to raise money in this economy.”
    • The monthly newsletter from Guidestar, the leading source of nonprofit information. Carol says, “Two items of particular note were the latest report on the activities and plans for the Exempt Organizations (EO) section of the Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division of the IRS which provides some insight into what issues and organizations they will focus on this year.  Also they announced GuideStar Search Provider, a new keyword search tool that people can use from a majority of Internet browsers for easier access to GuideStar’s expansive database of nonprofit information.”
  • Jenn Whinnem is reading Alone with You, a collection of short stories from Marisa Silver. To paraphrase a friend, I really enjoy how simply and directly she writes. I’m also impressed with the different ways that the characters are insightful.

That’s us. What about you? What articles or stories have gripped you this week?


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