Health News Roundup

Screening for autism in young children, a state-by-state health scorecard and more in this week’s roundup

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Seeing things differently: Early identification of autism and early intervention
Diane Orson, Connecticut Public Radio, April 27
“Some children seem to be developing fine, then all of sudden they either stop progressing or actually start losing some of what they had gained. They may lose words they were using, or social engagement activities, like playing social games or waving or saying ‘hi.’” says Dr. Thyde Dumont-Mathieu. New federal data find that about one in 59 children has autism spectrum disorder. Connecticut Public Radio’s four-part series, Seeing Things Differently, explores delays in diagnosis, and why there are additional delays for children of color. We hear from moms raising kids with ASD, and learn where concerned families can turn for help.

Part 2: Seeing things differently: Where to turn for help before and after autism diagnosis?

Blacks, Latinos, women found less likely to get the mental health care they need
Susan Abram, California Healthline, May 1
Black Californians are more likely to experience mental health problems than other ethnic groups, and they are less likely to get the care they need, according to a new study. “This could have important repercussions for black Californians’ ability to earn income and stay employed in the face of mental health problems,” said Nicole Eberhart, a senior behavioral scientist at Rand who was lead author of the study.

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Nine rights every patient should demand
Elisabeth Rosenthal, The New York Times, April 27
We need a Financial Bill of Rights to protect consumers of health care from unfair charges. Today patients’ worries are financial as much as medical. Twenty percent of people with insurance say they have trouble paying their medical bills, a figure that rises to above 50 percent for the uninsured. In an era when patients are told to be better consumers of health care, they need a Financial Bill of Rights, too.


2018 Scorecard on state health system performance
David Radley, Douglas McCarthy, Susan Hayes, The Commonwealth Fund, May 3
A newly released state-by-state report measures access to care, quality of care, health outcomes, and health disparities across the United States. See where Connecticut stands out and where it needs work.