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  1. How health care algorithms can amplify racial disparities, and more in this week’s roundup


    Racial bias in a medical algorithm favors white patients over sicker…


  2. Doctors are making house calls to the homeless in California, and more in this week’s roundup

    Access to care

    ‘Out here, it’s just me’: In the medical desert of rural America, one doctor for 11,000 square miles
    Eli Saslow, The…


  3. Hospitals now required to post their prices, the growing disparity in junk food ads targeting minority youth, and more

    health reform

    Hospitals must now post prices. But it may take a brain surgeon to decipher them.
    Robert Pear, The New York Times, January 13


  4. Mental illness in America’s jails, Comcast’s innovative approach to employee health insurance, and more

    mental health
    Horrific deaths, brutal treatment: Mental illness in America’s jails
    Gary A. Harki, The Virginian-Pilot, September 1


  5. How nail salon workers helped change community health care, misinformation about a deadline pregnancy complication, and more

    Linking care to community
    Nail salon workers helped turn the idea of community-centered health into reality
    Andrea Caracostis, Jo Carcedo, STAT,…


  6. The silent shame of having a mental illness in a Chinese family, and more in this week’s roundup

    children’s health
    A troubling prognosis for migrant children in detention: ‘The earlier they’re out, the better’
    Benedict Carey, The New York…


  7. Taking Lyft to the pharmacy, treating high blood pressure at the barber, and more in this week’s roundup

    health equity
    As lead in children persists, state lawmakers look to tackle risks
    Jenifer Frank, Connecticut Health Investigative Team, March…


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