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  1. Week of January 22, 2018

    health care access
    ‘Pharmacy deserts’ a growing health concern in Chicago, experts, residents say
    Ese Olumhense and Nausheen Husain, Chicago…


  2. Looking for health care coverage for 2018? Here are some tips from the field

    Even with her busy days, handling back-to-back scheduled appointments, walk-ins, and phone calls, Nancee Carpenter is one of the cheerful faces that…


  3. Week of September 11, 2017

    Another thing disappearing from rural America: Maternal care
    Adriana Gallardo, Nina Martin, ProPublica, September 5
    A new study shows…


  4. NEW REPORT: Urban Institute analysis of the ACA’s impact on Connecticut

    The Affordable Care Act is responsible for a 45 percent reduction in Connecticut’s uninsured rate, as well as new consumer protections for the nearly 1.9 million state residents with employer-sponsored coverage and nearly 600,000 with Medicare, according to a new report released this week by the Connecticut Health Foundation.


  5. What’s at stake: The impact of the Affordable Care Act in Connecticut, by the numbers

    As lawmakers debate major changes to the federal health law, it is important to understand what’s at stake in Connecticut. The Connecticut…


  6. Improving health while saving money? Yes, it can be done.

    It turns out there’s a way to both save money and…


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