Stephanie O’Connor

Principal, Health Strategy, Booz & Company
New York, NY

Leadership is the ability to motivate a group of diverse individuals to act toward a common goal. Leaders create opportunities – culminating in achievements none could accomplish on their own.

As a health care strategy consultant, Stephanie O’Connor has worked with clients ranging from insurance to pharmaceutical, consumer health care, and nutrition companies. She holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and studied health policy, global health issues, and strategy at the London School of Economics. “I have lived and worked in Houston; Cleveland; Chicago; New York; London; and Santiago, Chile – cities with very diverse populations. I have seen the stark disparities in health care access and quality of life linked to socioeconomic and ethnic differences.” Living in these areas motivated her community involvement, working with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Houston Public Schools, and the Nonprofit Enterprise and Self-Sustainability Team (NESsT), based in Santiago. “My time with NESsT was particularly meaningful as it provided me with insight into disparities in health care and opportunities driven by health status, gender, and socioeconomic class,” says O’Connor.

Outside of work, O’Connor spends time with her husband and young son, traveling, camping, hiking, and going on recreational and educational outings.