Health Equity by the Numbers

The numbers speak for themselves: Health disparities remain one of Connecticut's most pressing issues.

Our Focus Areas

Pathways to Health Equity
  • Fair Haven Community Health Center

    Coverage and Access

    Access to care is critical to good health – and that requires both coverage and a connection to care. We work to ensure that people have health insurance, know how to use it, and can get care that is high-quality, comprehensive, and responsive to their needs.

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  • Charter Oak Health Center

    Redesigning Health Care Delivery

    The health care system must reward quality care and improved health outcomes for people of color. To get there, we are working on improving the collection and sharing of health data, and changing how care is financed and delivered.

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  • Wheeler Clinic

    Linking Care and Communities

    Much of what influences people's health happens outside the doctor's office. We support systemic changes aimed at creating strong, meaningful, and sustainable links between the clinical care system and people's communities.

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  • Khmer Health Advocates

    Advocacy and Leadership

    We define advocacy as educating and informing decisionmakers on the issues that will affect the health and health care of Connecticut residents, and ensuring that those most affected by policy changes have a voice in decisions.

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