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Sneak Preview: 2015 is a New-Model Year for the Fellows

Today’s blog post was written by Yolanda Caldera-Durant, senior program officer at the Connecticut Health Foundation, and director of the Health Leadership Fellows Program. One week from today, the Connecticut Health Foundation’s (CT Health) Health Leadership Fellows Program (HLFP) enters its tenth … more >

September 5, 2014

Diana Cardona '14 Takes to the Airwaves for Oral Health in Pregnancy

What health issue do you feel so strongly about, you’d appear on radio and television to draw attention to it? For our Leadership Fellow Diana Cardona DMD, it’s making sure pregnant women have good oral health during pregnancy. Pregnant women should have at least one dental visit during … more >

August 22, 2014

And exactly what does this have to do with health equity?

Today’s post is an excerpt from Karen J. Hatcher-Sneed’s reflections speech at the commencement of her Health Leadership Fellows class in June of 2014. These are the leadership moments that particularly resonated with Karen - and she got quite a few big laughs from the audience. We hope they’ll … more >

August 13, 2014

Are the Subsidies that Made Health Insurance Affordable, Also Illegal?

This year, 6.7 million Americans were able to afford health insurance because of subsidies allowed for in the Affordable Care Act. Were those subsidies illegal? It depends on who you ask, and if your state chose to run its own health insurance marketplace. Two different federal circuit court rulings … more >

July 23, 2014

Care Coordination is the Prescription for Better Health

Today’s post was written by Brianna Moody, communications & policy intern at the Connecticut Health Foundation. How can we address gaps in care that many people with chronic illness routinely experience? The Clifford Beers Clinic in New Haven, CT knows how. The clinic provides mental health … more >

July 1, 2014