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TBT: Public Stories, Private Pain, and the State Budget

This evening, the Appropriations Committee of the Connecticut General Assembly will hold a public hearing on the governor's proposed human services budget, which includes many health and human service programs that are part of the safety net and important to health equity. So it is fitting to re-post this … more >

February 11, 2016

Five Questions with Tiffany Donelson, VP of Program

Today's post is by Elizabeth Krause and Tiffany Donelson VP of Program, Tiffany Donelson, is approaching her year-and-a-half work anniversary with CT Health. Tiffany has been a phenomenal addition to the team since day one. And over the past 18 months she has made progress on the strategic plan, … more >

January 25, 2016

Mission Possible: Using HIT to Integrate Dental and Medical Care

Today's post is by Colin Reusch, senior policy analyst, Children's Dental Health Project For the most part, electronic health records (EHRs) for dental and medical care remain completely separate in both private and public insurance programs even when health insurers have assumed responsibility for … more >

December 16, 2015

The Road Taken

Today's post is by Geralynn McGee, health equity fellow at Greater Hartford Legal Aid My path always included advocacy for underserved populations, such as adults with mental illness, women recently released from incarceration, and women in recovery from substance abuse. After six years of this … more >

November 30, 2015

Lessons from The Listening Project

Today's post is by Patricia Baker, president & CEO Four months ago, we launched The Listening Project to engage in community dialogues about the gaps between health insurance coverage and the receipt of quality health care in communities that experience health inequities. We wanted to know how … more >

November 16, 2015