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Patricia Baker and Four Others Honored for Commitment to Health Equity

"It is about believing that everybody should have the opportunity for optimal health, regardless of race, income, background, or ethnicity" - Patricia Baker, president & CEO of the Connecticut Health Foundation, in a video honoring her and Wheeler Clinic's other four 2014 Gold Star Honorees.   … more >

October 16, 2014

We Want to Hear Your #ACAworks Stories

Written by Patricia Baker, president and CEO of the Connecticut Health Foundation We've seen strong success in Connecticut with the implementation of the state's health care coverage marketplace, Access Health CT . In fact, Connecticut was the first state in the U.S. to surpass its goals for enrollment. … more >

October 6, 2014

Town by Town, How the Affordable Care Act has Benefited Connecticut

Election day is November 4th, 2014 this year. It's a gubernatorial election, and 109 of our 151 state House members and 28 of our 36 state Senators face opposition from a major party . In other words, it's a great opportunity for us to provide objective, credible information about how Connecticut … more >

September 23, 2014

Sneak Preview: 2015 is a New-Model Year for the Fellows

Today’s blog post was written by Yolanda Caldera-Durant, senior program officer at the Connecticut Health Foundation, and director of the Health Leadership Fellows Program. One week from today, the Connecticut Health Foundation’s (CT Health) Health Leadership Fellows Program (HLFP) enters its tenth … more >

September 5, 2014

Diana Cardona '14 Takes to the Airwaves for Oral Health in Pregnancy

What health issue do you feel so strongly about, you’d appear on radio and television to draw attention to it? For our Leadership Fellow Diana Cardona DMD, it’s making sure pregnant women have good oral health during pregnancy. Pregnant women should have at least one dental visit during … more >

August 22, 2014