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Connecticut Hospital Readmissions Infographic

At the Connecticut Health Foundation, we think of hospital readmissions as a “canary in the coal mine” health care quality measure because unexpectedly needing to return to the hospital after a discharge signals a range of connected problems that tell us the system is not working optimally: Pain and suffering in the lives of patients […] Read More

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Greater Dental Access Reduces Inequities & Boosts Sealant Use Among HUSKY-Insured Kids

CAN PUBLIC POLICY CHANGES IMPROVE CHILDREN’S ORAL HEALTH? Changes to Connecticut’s Medicaid program (HUSKY) in 2008 provided a unique opportunity to examine the impact of new policies on the oral health outcomes of low-income children. Higher Medicaid reimbursement rates, streamlined provider enrollment procedures for participating dentists, as well as outreach to communities, individuals and dentists […] Read More

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Family Factors Increase Kids’ Dental Check-Ups and Health Equity

An analysis to better understand family factors that are associated with increased access to preventive dental care for kids covered by HUSKY (Medicaid). This infographic hones in on three factors that greatly increase the likelihood of preventive dental care for low-income children. Read More

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Successfully Reducing Dental Access Disparities for Husky A-Insured Children: 2006 – 2012

Low-income children are much more likely to suffer oral health disease but are also much less likely to obtain dental care. Historically in Connecticut, a significant barrier to care for kids on HUSKY A (Healthcare for UninSured Kids and Youth), the state’s Medicaid program for low-income families, was low private dentist participation. Many providers cited low reimbursement rates and cumbersome program administration as obstacles to treating children insured under HUSKY. This infographic presents data from an earlier brief, Impact of Increased Dental Reimbursement Rates on Husky A-Insured Children: 2006 – 2011, with an additional year of analysis from 2012. Read More

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What Systems Change Means to the Connecticut Health Foundation

The Connecticut Health Foundation’s theory of change is systems change, and it’s reflected in our tagline, “Changing Systems, Improving Lives.” Systems change is a complex concept that is not always easy to explain. We believe this new infographic solves the communication challenge we’ve had around describing what systems change looks like. Most importantly, we hope it will help you understand how best to partner with us in advancing health equity in Connecticut. Read More

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No Wrong Door Infographic

36,000 Connecticut residents will maintain health insurance coverage for at least part of one year with the “No Wrong Door” approach to enrollment. Read More

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